Speech on meeting sides of ESPO convention
Fikrad Jafarov
  Azerbaijan, AZ1004, Baku,
  Neftchiler ave., 61, 24/25
    Tel.:    (994 12) 492-78 56
  Fax:     (994 12) 492-78 26
  Mob.:  (994 55) 790-67 88
   E-mail: fjafarov@sdpu.az
Public Union "Sustainable Development Society"

                  Public Union "Sustainable Development Society" is a non-profit,non-governmental                  organisation established in Azerbaijan in 1998.
     The major purpose of the organisation is to support the transition to sustainable development by means of research and implementation of new approaches in solving environmental, economic and social problems at global, national and local levels as well as raising the awareness of wide groups of the population on environmental protection and sustainable development issues.
     The Union organises informational and enlightening campaigns, conferences and seminars, prepares analytical reviews and publications, and implements educational and training programs. The organisation is actively participating in regional and international cooperation processes on environment and sustainable development, including "Environment for Europe", "Environment and Health," cooperation in the Caucasus-Caspian region on environment and sustainable development, and implementation of the World Summit resolutions on sustainable development. The Union is a member of the European Ecoforum and participates in the implementation plan of the UN Decade "Education for Sustainable Development."
     The organisation supports the following topics of its members' and partners' activities: policy on environmental protection and sustainable development; education and training on sustainable development; community participation in decision making on environmental issues; sustainable production and consumption; and trade and sustainable development.